Adversity is inevitable and the time we live in is no exception. When the pandemic began last year in the Philippines, opportunities suddenly dwindled and we were all under lockdown.  We are fortunate to hold our jobs and we thank our company for that. As for others, life got more difficult having been laid off from work or having no choice but to close their business.

Some of our colleagues  managed to thrive amidst the adversity that they experienced at NLEX due to the pandemic. Having unexpectedly face the challenge on the turn of events in their career as toll tellers, they mustered courage to rise up and take a BIG LEAP of Faith towards their new future.

Allow me to honor these two amazing  ladies who made a decision that changed their perspectives in life and who are determined to conquer the world despite the adversities that they have to confront.

Monie Inductivo

After 16 years working at NLEX, Monina M. Inductivo, Toll Supervisor took her final bow last month and change her hat into an online business entrepreneur.

According to Monie, she didn’t want to grab the offer at first because of  the fear of losing her hard-earned money  and being left emptyhanded if the business did not prosper. She was worried about the future of her nine-year-old daughter, Nika. She discussed the plan with her husband who was very supportive of her dreams which gave her courage to try online selling. They also purchased a  truck to transport Puregold products to the North Area.

Here is Monie’s message to everyone:

“Just focus on your priorities and where you can be happy. Do not be afraid to try. Life is too short, especially during this pandemic. Be kind to everyone, keep safe and stay healthy. “

Rose May Dela Cruz

Rose May Dela Cruz is our dancesport  princess who devotedly worked as NLEX Toll Teller for 13 years. She decided to accept the offer to find her true passion outside the corporate world. It was never an easy decision for her as a solo parent who is raising a six-year-old son. It took a lot of courage for her to get out of her comfort zone. Just like Monie, May believes that this is an opportunity to venture into business and to be her own boss while enjoying what she loves to do.

Right now, she is busy with her livestream at Bigo Live and online selling Vellora Gold Jewelries.

May wants to share this inspiring message to us:

“Be in hardships or comforts, God’s blessing is the same and always in perfect timing. God never send you in a situation alone. Have faith and be courageous. If you think your situation is not getting any better then be patient because God is not finished yet.”

When depression and anxiety abounds due to adversities, we should remember that it is not a weakness but rather an opportunity to get closer to God. During these tough times, when we cannot do anything, when everything seems wrong and overwhelming, God is there to guide and help us get through it. Have faith, be still, our God is in control.

Let us help  our new business entrepreneurs:

  • To check out items from the USA, Monie’s business has the Facebook page with username @nikaauthenticshop.  
  • For your Jewelry needs, check out the Facebook account of Rose May Dela Cruz, Vellora Gold Jewelries. She also does livestreaming via Bigo Live.

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