How Do You Express Gratitude?

by Lani Marcelino

Gratitude is essential for a great life. When we are grateful, it means we appreciate the good things that happen to us. Showing gratitude doesn’t have to involve grand gestures. It could be as simple as saying thank you to someone who has helped make your day easier.

For this issue, we’ve asked some of our colleagues to talk about what they are grateful for in their lives. Here are their insights.

Jhun Dela Cruz, Supply Chain Management

Mr. Jhun Dela Cruz’ Family

I express my gratitude to God Almighty — through our Lord Jesus Christ — by entrusting Him with my life and that of my loved ones. I make sure to faithfully return what is due Him by way of tithes. I also honor His generosity by sharing with others.

I am grateful to my wife. I express my gratitude for her presence by loving her unconditionally, anticipating her needs, and coming up with surprises for her.

I am grateful for my family. I make sure that I am able to provide what they need. I acknowledge each of their contributions at home and take time to go on journeys with them.

I am grateful to be part of the NLEX Corporation. I am committed to it. The company’s wins are my wins and the company’s losses are my losses.

I am grateful to my bosses. I show them that I take to heart everything that they have taught me. I continue to develop my technical and behavioral competencies.

I am grateful that I have my staff. I always take time to let them know that their contributions to the success of the department are very much appreciated.

Gibson Repomanta, Technology Management – Project Delivery

I am grateful to be part of the NLEX family. The company’s culture of trust and accountability has helped me become a well-rounded professional. I thank the management for having faith in my capabilities and recognizing my contributions for the past years.

I appreciate the support of my colleagues and my immediate superior. Our company leaders inspire me. They push me to excel and deliver more than what is expected of me.

The company is also committed to investing in its people, offering various training programs to improve people’s competencies in accordance with the organization’s values.

I express my gratitude to the company by doing my best in all the tasks assigned to me. I continue to support all its initiatives.

Judy Flores, Finance – Accounting

I’ve been working for NLEX for eight years and it has been an amazing journey. I acquired new skills. I learned new ways of working with teams, dealing with challenges, and coping with change. Working at NLEX has helped me grow, not just as an employee but also as a person.

As NLEX employees, we feel the love that the company has for us. So, we extend this love to other people. That’s why every year we conduct outreach activities in different institutions. We’ve gone to orphanages and homes for the elderly. We’ve spent time with those who are sick. We’ve visited indigenous people in Pampanga.

In each of these activities, we are overwhelmed by the joy expressed by both children and adults during the small amount of time that we spend with them. These encounters are made more meaningful because our colleagues are with us. This is our way of thanking God for giving us the opportunity to share what we have even through simple means. We thank NLEX for making this possible.

Love Joy Pacis, TDE – Project Management Support

Ms. LJ Pacis with her parents

We should not forget to show gratitude and appreciation to our parents. You don’t need money or lavish gifts to do this. That’s because no amount of money or earthly possessions can replace the sacrifices that they willingly make for us and the unconditional love that they show us.

For me, the best way to show my gratitude to my parents is by spending time with them and consistently doing small acts of love for them.

My mother used to do all the cooking and take charge of all the things that needed to be done at home. I was able to help her more with the cooking while I was working from home. We also watch movies and play our all-time favorite sungka game. On weekends, I also help my mother with her chores.

We can all show our love to your parents regardless of our status in life. As long as what we do come from the heart, that’s all that matters.

Augusto Pastoral, Toll Ops

I express gratitude by being thankful for all the things I receive.

As much as possible, I try to deal with any challenging situation without complaining. Even if it seems hard to achieve, I just keep going. Things will eventually fall into place.

On the other hand, if an incredible opportunity comes my way, I try my best to stay humble.

There may be times when things are not going our way and we feel the weight of the world upon us. These are the times when we should stop and, perhaps, make a list of the things that continue to give us joy. The simple act of being grateful could be life-changing, similar to our colleagues’ shared stories.

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