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We Got This! – NLEX COVID Survivors

by Ma. Rhea Rose Santos & Irish Irene Kaye Corpuz

Every day, the circulating news is all about COVID-19. And at the present time of the new normal where people are continuously adapting step by step, there are some who find it hard to be strong and optimistic. All the negative thoughts about what this pandemic has brought them just keep on haunting their minds. However, resiliency is one of the good traits that Filipinos are known to have. And to prove this, here are the inspiring stories of our few co-employees who had survived their respective battles against the COVID disease.

Benedict Flores, IT Senior Manager, Technology Division

It was the third week of March when the ECQ was implemented all over Luzon, this was also the time when Tom felt the symptoms of the disease. He was admitted to the hospital and tested positive for the virus. He was advised to isolate himself where he can’t interact with his family, and that’s the most difficult phase for him. But he managed to overcome it through prayers and by keeping himself busy by doing exercise, watching movies, and reading books. He had no known contact to a COVID+ patient so he wished that he had been more cautious of the things he was doing outside of their home. Relatively, this experience has changed everything in him. He now takes care of himself and his family more, became more careful of his interaction with others, and got closer to God.

Joshua Villacrusis, Traffic Systems Technician, Technology Division

Some employees from his department also became infected by the virus, causing Joshua to also have himself tested. After the results came back positive, anxiety and depression enveloped him. But it did not last long due to the support from his family, friends, and colleagues through constant communication. He was able to gain enough strength to fight the virus eventually. Most of his lifestyle has changed from being passive to being active with balanced physical activities such as exercise and eating healthy to boost his immune system. He realized during the experience was that his battle was also his family’s battle. Both mental stress and worries were shared by him and his family.

Claire Nicole Mendoza, Technician II, Technology Division

Claire had a close contact with a COVID+ patient that pushed her to have herself tested as well. The feeling of uncertainty from the disease and the safety of her family were the first things that came into her mind, causing fear to build up and overwhelm her. She is very blessed to have enough moral support around her, and through constant praying she was able to conquer her fears and doubts. She became much closer to God and her family after surviving the virus. From her experience, she would like to tell everyone to take this pandemic as seriously as possible to prevent infections, not just for ourselves but also to our family and loved ones.

Jennifer Gubat, HR Senior Specialist, Human Resources Administration Division

This pandemic reminded Jen that she doesn’t own her life and that she can’t control whatever may happen in the future. Jen has tested positive for COVID after her close contact with her husband who is a front-line police officer. Self-isolation caused her to have anxiety as she thought of her kids and her mother who’s a senior citizen. She also thought that she could just practice physical distancing and prioritize their overall safety. Instead, she rested in God’s promise that He is sovereign and in control of everything. She is thankful that she still somehow had a chance to listen and see her loved ones while in the isolation room. From that experience, Jen’s faith and confidence in God increased because He allowed her to endure a very difficult situation with joy and peace.

People will have remarkable, life changing experiences, and these are not comparable to one another. No matter what life throws at us, we should keep moving forward. The above stories from our co-workers who had been so tough on fighting the pandemic are admirable. They had the strength and resiliency to get the better of such situation, and if there’s one thing that they want to impart to everyone, it’s that we should be compassionate and strictly follow health and safety protocols to save lives.


These were the symptoms that these COVID survivors had experienced:

  • Feeling sick despite having normal body temperatures (no fever)
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry cough
  • Cold
  • Loss of smell
  • Loss of Taste
  • Runny Nose
  • Sore Throat
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