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Workday Won’t Be The Same Without You

by Ma. Rhea Rose N. Santos

“No man is an island.” – as they usually say it.

In this crazy world, one cannot live alone. That’s how we learn to hang on to one another, or to a certain thing. It is encouraging to know that we have someone or something that we can depend on during these trying times, such as people who give us hope and strength, and things that comfort us the most. Either way, we feel better whenever they are within our reach.

Here are some of our coworkers’ personal stories of who, or what, they can’t go a workday without.

“I’m always a better version of me with my dear colleagues. Nakakatuwa na hindi lang sa bahay mayroong real family, kahit sa office meron din. Ramdam ko sa kanila lagi ang suporta at motivations, whether personal or work related. Game sila to guide and help me. Minsan bully, minsan inspiration. Also, they share their experiences and knowledge with me which help me grow. Para silang cellphone ko, very effective and worthwhile anytime and every time. 😊

Melanie Bernardo, Project Management Department

“I’m better when I’m with my favorite essential oils. I’ve seen a lot of posts in social media about these oils but at first, I’m just interested with the diffuser that’s included in the set. And then later, I also have learned the benefits of these essential oils. Since I’m not getting any younger, it is best for me to have a defense for stress and health threats. It helps me treat minor sickness like headache and acid reflux so I can still be productive with work and with my everyday life.”

Ansherina Roberto, Traffic Operations Department

“My phone is a must-have because of the situation our country is facing today. It’s not just an electronic device for me because aside from helping me communicate with my family, I also modify my phone based on my mood and how I feel on a specific day. There are days when my phone wallpaper is dark and twisted, sometimes I set it bright and cheerful, and then there are days when it’s plain dull and boring. It’s a way for me to express my emotions. So, for me, I am better when I am with my phone.”

Angel Chelsie Marie Guardian, Human Resources Administration Division

“I’m better with Sir Hilde 💖. Hindi dahil marami syang pagkain sa cubicle niya, but because of his passion, perseverance, and dedication to work in general. He’s also fun to be with which is a big help for me and makes me better. Hindi man niya napapansin pero I am inspired and blessed to have him as my colleague. Kulang ang tawanan sa floor kapag hindi sya kasama.”

Love Joy Pacis, Project Development Department

“I am better when I’m working with my team. In Corp Comm, we don’t just work to accomplish our tasks, we work to expand our experiences and learning as well. Our team is guided by a good leader who sees potentials in people and encourages his subordinates to grow; and as members who are inspired by that leadership, we make sure to give full support to one another so that we could achieve our team goals and our personal goals in life.”

Airyn Gimeno, Corporate Communications Department

“I’m better when I’m with the athletics team. In my team, it’s not the strength of the individual players that matter, but the strength of the unit and how we all function together as one.”

Pio Tumpang, Human Resources Administration Division

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