NLEX Service Awardees: Why Staying at NLEX is Worth It

by Jaimee Faustino

The pursuit of excellence in one’s professional life is a goal that many of us share. That’s why it is always a gift when one is given the chance to work for a company that puts a premium on people who do their best.

Employees who are passionate about what they do continue to be inspired when the company recognizes them for doing great work. When a company sees its employees as valued partners, then employees look forward to going to work. Several of our colleagues who recently received their Service Awards can attest to this. We asked them to share their thoughts with us on why it is worth staying in the company.

The insights shared by these Service Awards recipients tell us that while no workplace is perfect, having passionate employees working in a company that genuinely cares about their professional development is as close to perfect as it can get. That said, we all know that we are privileged to work for NLEX.


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