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MPT Mobility: Variety to the Usual

by Alex Sevilla

MPTC President Mr. Rodrigo Franco announced in November 2020 the newest MPTC Business Unit (BU) that will develop and market mobility products and services – the MPT Mobility. This venture will capture non-toll business opportunities of the MPT Group, mainly electronic tolling and e-wallet (Easytrip), roadside and other motorist services (Southbend), advertising, parking, service stations (Drive and Dine), and more.

To feature employees who will form part of the new BU, Northlink sat with them to hear their expectations and thoughts.

Being part of the NLEX Ventures Corporation team for the past years, Jay Causapin, Vanessa Maniago, Aljon Parado, and Lyra Paz are all talking about role upgrade. Aljon of Business Operations – Non-Toll Products, shared how he expects more extensive and easier transactions with MPTC subsidiaries, as the change will mean greater scope and responsibility for him. For Jay and Lyra, who are part of the Marketing Creative Team, they are excited with the Digital Advertisement expansion. This change has, of course, required them to adapt. The adjustment for Vans will be easier due to the team’s initiative to help each other. She also shared how their bosses assessed their expertise and capabilities to appoint them in their most suitable positions in the new BU.

The NVC Team’s close relationship with each other helped them in the transition.

However, the uneasy feeling brought by change is not new to them. As Lyra shared, they are trained by their years in NVC to go with or even lead the change. She mentioned how they are exposed to different situations which toughened everyone in the team. Jay also added that the team will bring this empowering trait to the new BU.

Aside from the NVC team, we also have Jasper Mendoza who will be under MPT Mobility – Project Development. He has been with NLEX since his TAP years.

Jasper with his co-trainees in 2014. After his TAP training in 2014, Jasper was deployed to NLEX Technical Services. Now, he is with MPT Mobility.

Jasper deemed that his new post brings new challenges due to the expanded scope, as the business possibilities of the new BU is broad — from building parking to transport terminals to Smart City solutions.

When asked what learned would he like to apply to his new post, he replied, “Do your job, and do not hesitate to ask questions from experienced people.”

With the MPTC group’s aim to diversify the current tollways business, it’s the commitment of the people within the group that will jumpstart the progress. As Aljon shared, “This is an opportunity for us to contribute in a significant way to the MPTC Group”.

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