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NLEXemplary Awardees Speak From the Heart

by Jaimee Jane Faustino

One of the most valuable lessons we learned from this pandemic is to be grateful for the blessings that come our way. Having a stable job in a great company and being able to do things that you’re passionate about must not be taken for granted. However, this opportunity also comes with demands and challenges.

That is why NLEX Corporation makes sure that employees know they are appreciated. Our NLEXemplary Awards celebrate and recognize outstanding employees. They are the ones who consistently do exceptional work and embody our corporate core values: Customer Focus, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, Excellence, and Social Responsibility.

The accomplishments of those who are nominated for NLEXemplary Awards are carefully assessed by the committee. There are several rounds of deliberations before the awardees are finalized. The exacting process led to only 31 employees being awarded for the 1st quarter of 2021.

Moving forward after the ceremony, we want to know how the awardees feel. How does the award affect their perception and enthusiasm for their role in the company? We asked some of them to share their thoughts on the matter.

Ace Christian San Pedro, Asset ManagementTeamwork Category

“Being an NLEXemplary awardee has given me inspiration and more motivation to do my job. Being recognized for a job well done gives an employee confidence and affirmation that his/her efforts are valuable to the organization. It has inspired me to continue to excel in my job. It is a great feeling.

In the future, I plan to nominate my colleagues for the award as well — especially those in our group, Bridge Department of AMD. I would like for them to be more inspired and know that their efforts are appreciated.”

Alexander Eblacas, Asset ManagementTeamwork Category

“First of all, I am very grateful that I was one of the awardees last quarter. The truth is that I really did not expect the award. For me, doing what I do is just the normal thing to do because it is my job. It is my responsibility to perform as expected. I do not want to complicate things.

I am humbled by the award I got because the job I do requires team effort. I would like to acknowledge my superior for sending good vibes to the team. Having a healthy working relationship is good for everyone. I will strive even more to help the company achieve its goal.”

Aleckza Marie Garcia, FinanceTeamwork Category

“I am humbled and grateful for the award. It means that because someone sees and appreciates our simple efforts. Salamat, Sir Art and Sir Alex!

This recognition taught me that we can achieve anything if we truly desire it with our hearts. But then, you should not think of getting any recognition while doing your task. It may affect your output and your mindset. Just do your job well and let it be. God sees everything and I am grateful enough for that.”

Dan Donald Gaddi, Asset ManagementTeamwork Category

“I‘m grateful that our hard work has been recognized even with the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to find ways to eliminate pandemic-related obstacles so we could continue to do our jobs well.

Being given this recognition has inspired me to do my work even better. It’s important to let employees know that their efforts are appreciated. It boosts their morale and they are reminded that they are part of NLEX, a company that operates a world class expressway.”

Robert June Cruz, Technology ManagementTeamwork Category

“It really feels good that our efforts have been recognized. It’s nice to know that we are appreciated. It motivates me more to always do my best in all my tasks. The award has made me more confident and has inspired me to continue to be dedicated to my job.”

Eric Segundo, Traffic OperationsCustomer Focus Category

“I am overwhelmed to be among the awardees. Although we encountered a lot of challenges in these tough times, I made sure that my work ethic as a patrol crew did not change. I had to be more responsible. This award has inspired me even more. I will continue to work hard and do better everyday.”

Charles Limpin, Technology ManagementTeamwork Category

“Of course, I’m happy to be an awardee. It can boost employee morale. Most importantly, it lets you know that you have helped the company even in a small way.”

Jessie Del Rosario, Toll OperationsNLEXemplary Employee Category

“It feels very fulfilling to be recognized. In the face of the challenges brought by the pandemic, I chose to stand by this principle: ‘Magsilbi sa mga motorista at mag-ingat para sa sarili at lalo na para sa pamilya.’ I feel that all my hard work has been rewarded.”

Evidently, several respondents were exhilarated and see the award as an inspiration to do their work even better. Others felt that the award is just a bonus for the professional and personal satisfaction they get from doing their jobs well. Some also pointed out that having an effective team is crucial for achieving great things.

At the end of the day, we all know that we’re all pursuing our dreams. We work hard not just for ourselves, but most especially for our loved ones. And for that, we all deserve a pat in the back.

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