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The ESH Team

by Alex Sevilla

Since the breakout of the pandemic, NLEX’s Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) Team have been working non-stop to continue offering quality service to our motorists while ensuring the safety of everyone in the company. Some may have seen them inspecting our work areas. Everyone has certainly received their updates and reminders via email.

RC Bruno, Ford Bogas, and Dio Mejia are part of this remarkable team and working at the frontlines of our industry. We at Northlink got to know more about them when we asked them to share their thoughts and experiences with us.

Your weekend routine: Pre-pandemic vs. present

RC: Pre-pandemic, we were always excited about weekends because this meant that we would be spending time with the kids. We usually do our errands, go to church, bring the kids to a play place, and have lunch. However, nowadays, we can’t bring them out because we fear for their health. On the brighter side, the pandemic taught us to spend more time with our family.

Ford: In the past, our weekend routine involved looking for a recreational area in our vicinity. My family and I would go jogging, biking and have picnics. We would go to malls to watch movies, eat at our favorite restaurants, and attend mass on Sundays. But now, in the new normal, we can no longer do all of these things due to the closure of public areas. So, we would watch movies on Netflix and attend mass via online video streaming.

Dio: Pre-pandemic, I always looked forward to enjoying my weekends. I would travel somewhere private, meet up with my closest friends, or just stay at home and binge-watch my chosen series with my dogs. This pandemic, I stayed at home most of the time, called my family abroad, and played with my dogs. Good thing, we had redesigned the house like a vacation villa. I even bought a kiddie pool so we could at least enjoy the summer this pandemic.

Dio Mejia

What has changed since March 2020

RC: I see things differently since the pandemic started.  Nothing is permanent in this world, our life can be taken away from us in just a snap. It is important to invest time with your loved ones and to be productive and not to waste time.

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RC Bruno

Dio: I now have a heightened state of awareness especially regarding health issues.

Things you took for granted before the pandemic

Ford: One thing that I took for granted before was being able to visit my mother in the province. Before it is very easy to travel, but right now there are so many requirements before you’re allowed to go to our province.

Ford Bogas

RC: I really don’t have any significant regrets before the pandemic. My only regret is what my kids are experiencing right now is different from what we have experienced before. We wanted them to be just kids, to learn, grow, and enjoy being with other people and exploring places.

Dio: Save more money! This pandemic changed my perception when it comes to money and where to spend it wisely without being guilty after. #Essentials.

How you rate your own progress

Dio: Professionally, the work-from-home arrangement gave me the opportunity to clearly think what to prioritize more. It also pushed me to think more creatively to adapt to the current situation we are in.

Ford: Out of 10, maybe I’ll rate myself as 7. It is hard to achieve our target on a physical aspect, but we need to embrace the new way of life or the new normal.

The best thing about your job

RC: Being part of something special during these times. The ESH profession is noble.

Dio: Knowing that people will not take safety for granted, whether at work or at home. 

Ford: The responsibility to ensure the safety and health of all workers in the company. Through our competencies on Job Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment, we help our colleagues perform their jobs safely especially during this health crisis. We need to be one in these trying times.

We have nothing but admiration to the whole team. Maraming salamat, ESH!

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