Spotlight’s On: Working With My Leader (Technology Division)

By: Ma. Rhea Rose N. Santos

Leaders influence the people who work for them. People take their cue from the things that their leaders say and do. As such, each and every leader should go beyond getting people do their jobs and inspire them to achieve their true potential.

To know more about some of NLEX’s leaders, we asked a few technicians from Technology Division to talk about the people who have inspired them to always to their best.

Anthony Denum and Angel Funiestas,
Traffic Systems

“I’m currently in my ninth year working in Traffic Systems department with Sir Angel Funiestas. As a former patrol officer, I thank him for giving me a chance to be a TSE technician. It is not only my career that has changed, but my life as well. Sir Angel is not only a boss or a leader, but also a friend or a family member. He fully supports our career growth. For me, that’s his best quality. He prioritizes our personal development and he always helps us solve our problems. Even though there are times that we have misunderstandings, we settle it by having one-on-one conversations.” —Anthony Denum, Traffic Systems Technician

Ariel Tumalad and Adrian Cruz,
Toll Systems

“I’ve been working with Sir Ariel Tumalad for about six years. He is a very good listener, and he inspires us to do great things. He is also very hardworking. He gives us guidance in the work we do by implementing rules and reminding us of the values that we need to uphold.” —Adrian Cruz, Toll Systems Technician

Ivan Mejorada and Mark Teodoro,
Information Technology

“I was trained by Sir Mark Teodoro during my six-month probationary period. I learned a lot with him as my mentor, especially when we did field work. Aside from having a good sense of humor and being easy to get along with, the thing I like most about him is that he always has something new to teach you.” —Ivan Mejorada, IT Technician

Jessie Paraan and Dino Yanga,
Central Core Systems

“When our division had some changes with the table of organization in March this year, I was transferred to the Central Core Systems Department under Sir Jessie Paraan. I quickly bonded with my new team because Sir Jessie is easy to get along with. He is a very approachable person and he readily answers my questions about our new system or equipment. You could tell that he loves what he is doing. On top of that, he takes care of everyone in the team by giving us plenty of opportunities to enhance our skills. This boosts the morale of our team. Sir Jessie also always checks on us and makes sure that everyone is doing alright. Whenever there are misunderstandings, Sir Jessie makes sure that we discuss it in a civilized manner so everyone is given the chance to share their insights and opinions.” —Dino Yanga, Central Core Systems Technician

The Technology Division leaders cited have all earned the respect and loyalty of their team. It is safe to say that the organization has been doing quite good in choosing people who have proven to be extraordinary leaders.

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