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NLEX Leaders: Navigating Present Work Challenges

by Charmina M. Galvez

Organizations worldwide are currently experiencing an unprecedented business disruption. As the world faces the COVID-19 crisis, the rise of competent leaders become essential as they act swiftly to augment their company’s resilience.

As the pandemic continues to evolve, NLEX Corporation is learning to proceed with its operations at full strength during the pandemic. The company suffered a major blow, dealing with the lowest traffic in its long-running history during the 2nd quarter of this year. And yet, despite the major economic setback, NLEX Corporation will continue to thrive and reach its goals and beyond.

As companies begin to emerge from the worst effects of the pandemic, a picture of those who are successful in mitigating the labor market and economic impact is appearing. In broad terms, companies like NLEX that responded more quickly with economic support, helped employees stay at work and embraced technology are showing better prospects.

Without a doubt, we will regain our footing through this crisis because our leaders maintain a high level of enthusiasm amidst challenges and difficulties, who can cope with disruptive changes, and still be successful in the end.

Leaders commit their skills, time and effort to shape the COVID-19 recovery and build back better.

We are proud to introduce to you some of our resilient leaders as described by their respective subordinates.

Viktor Rey “Vik” L. Apuzen
Assistant Vice President, Project Development

“You would often see him with a smile that builds positive and trusting relationship within the group. With the COVID-19 pandemic, he shows resiliency as he finds ways to move forward and push our pipeline projects. As an individual, he shows personal resilience at work by achieving a healthy work-life balance. This is especially challenging in the world we are living in nowadays.”

Love Joy C. Pacis, Project Development Department Secretary

Photos taken during Segment 10 inspection before its opening

Raul L. Ignacio
Chief Operations Officer, NLEX Corporation

“In this moment of tremendous ambiguity, Sir Raul displays courage and continues to deliver quality service to the company and its people. And in order to control and mitigate the impact of the pandemic, Sir Raul acts with urgency, communicates with transparency, takes responsibility, and focuses on problem solving. Hence, with his strong leadership, he is able to make us feel safe and secured amidst the ongoing crisis.”

Nur-Ranji C. Jajurie, Contracts Administration Specialist

(in the same order as the above photographs)

Northwesterly “West” D. Dionisio
Assistant Vice President, Operations Management

Michael “Migs” B. Petilo
Traffic Sector Asst. Manager, Traffic Operations

Catherine “Cath” P. Del Mundo
Traffic Sector Manager

Ariel S. Salita
Traffic Sector Supervisor, Traffic Operations

“Our leaders in Operations reach out and make time for everyone in the team. Our Division Head, Ms. West, exerts effort to know everyone by conducting some briefings herself. She sends out commendations for jobs well done and utters words of encouragement through letters soliciting utmost cooperation of everyone. 

In the same way, our Sector Heads – Sir Migs and Ms. Cathy, ensure employees in their respective teams are always informed and updated with information necessary for us to carry out our jobs efficiently and effectively. Even if we don’t see them personally all the time, we always feel their presence through the group chat that they’ve created. Our Traffic Sector Supervisor, Sir Ariel, is also approachable and assures everyone is updated with their performance, deliverables and schedule. He has been consistently doing this, covid or no-covid. 

Their efforts and good leadership will never go unnoticed; Ms. West’s resiliency as she hurdled the many challenges in Operations at present is an undeniable fact. Sir Migs’ amusing side caused our Patrols to participate in Tiktok challenge has somehow broken the monotony of work and created a light atmosphere for us, Ms. Cathy’s dedication that she would rather endure her longingness for her family just to remain present at work, and Sir Ariel’s influence that enables him to persuade our Patrol Crews to be Patrollers as the team heeds to the appeal of the management for additional manpower in Toll Collection.

Our leaders listen to their teams and strive to have regular communication with them. They are always responsive to concerns and issues that were raised, and they see to it that these will be addressed properly and timely.”

Kathleen G. Sabado, Traffic Investigator

How well leaders rise through every challenge determines how resilient they are. Our leaders embody the responsibility of keeping the motivation and engagement of people in their teams especially in difficult times. They understand that resilience is a crucial characteristic of leaders of high-performing organizations.

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