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How “Our Daily Bread” Helped Us Close the Distance

by Geraline Jorge

More than ever, the lockdown has been one of the best times to connect with each other. Despite the physical distance, we are growing closer every day, and many of us has used this time to grow closer to God in many different ways.

Here at NLEX, our colleagues found ways to show their commitment to their faith despite social restrictions. On this issue of Stay Focused, we’ll be featuring members of the Non-Toll Business Management team whose faith grew stronger and what has been their pillar during these challenging times.

The “Our Daily Bread” sessions started last 2019. It all began when Nina and Desa saw each other reading the book Our Daily Bread given by sir Jhun Dela Cruz as a Christmas gift.  They decided that instead of reading it individually, and sometimes, not deeply understanding its message, they’ll do it together instead.

From then on, every morning, they would allot time for their sessions. One will lead the opening and closing prayer and the other will read the verse/story. After reading, they’ll share their understanding of the verse/story and their stories related to the topic. It became a way of coping with the current challenges in life. Through Our Daily Bread, they encourage one another and pray for each other.

When the pandemic struck, their sessions got postponed. Until, after an online meeting, their boss, Mr. Renie Ticzon, suggested to conduct their sharing sessions online. That gave them an idea to continue their Our Daily Bread sessions. Rich Sotocua sent a calendar invite every day at 9:30am. And since not everyone has a copy of the book, Nina suggested to use the Our Daily Bread Facebook page to get their reading every day. The Facebook page is in Filipino, which made it easier for them to understand the words of God.

The book and the Facebook Page

For the team, the best part of their sessions is that there is no right or wrong answer because they know that they are taking the journey together, and that it deepens their relationship with God and one another. The Our Daily Bread sessions strengthens their bond because they can freely share their challenges in life, and they get support from each other. The words of God truly is an inspiration to them.

“Our Daily Bread is my support group, especially this year where I experienced the hardest times of my life. I always look forward to our sessions because I know that God is talking to me through the verses and through the experiences that is being shared by my officemates/ family. Our relationship to God and to one another has gotten deeper because of this. Hopefully, we can share it with more people. Special thanks to Mr. Jhun dela Cruz for giving us the Our Daily Bread Book every Christmas!” – Sha Capinpin

“The Daily Bread is our daily encounter with the Lord. We hear His words through today’s reading and through the experiences shared by our participants. It helps us to start the day by spending time with the Lord, and we are reminded of His great love. Aside from the main purpose of this group, which is to deepen our relationship with the Lord, it also builds accountability with one another. We grow together knowing God is One with Jesus Christ.” – Emmanuel Ace Beltran

“Our Daily Bread sessions reminds me that God loves ALL of us and He works in so many ways in my life and in the lives of my teammates. These sessions made me understand more about our Lord, and spend time with Him through prayer and reading His word together with my teammates. The sessions guide us on how we can grow deeper in our horizontal relationship with each other and in our vertical relationship with God.”
– Rhodesa Waine

“I am extremely proud of my young NVC and OOH teams. They work hard and play hard. Amidst all the challenges of each day, what makes me even more proud is that they also PRAY hard. I recently joined the teams’ morning prayer. Every morning we are guided by the readings of “My Daily Bread” as we discern and reflect on the scriptures in so far as it relates to our daily lives. We are not afraid or ashamed to share our inner most feelings; happy or sad, good or bad, we trust one another enough to be open and true.

I love each and every one of my staff and I will protect them and do anything that is good for them. They are my children as we all are God’s Children. I am their shepherd as God is our Shepherd. We also thank each other always because we affect each other’s lives in more ways than one, every day as we depend on one another as a family and as a team. We are immensely grateful to God for everything that keeps us alive, including the air we breathe.

My Daily Bread mornings allow us to express this and be the person He wants us to be, every day. I am truly appreciating the members of our team who started and made this possible long before I joined. May GOD BLESS US all.”
– Renato U. Ticzon

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