Inspired by a Great Manager

by Kath Alfaro

“Leadership is the ability to persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically. It is the human factor which binds a group together and motivates it towards goals.” These are the words of former professional American football player turned motivational speaker Keith Davis, a man who certainly knows what it’s like to work with a group in high pressure situations.

In the Project Management group, there are managers who push their members to achieve their primary objectives indicated in the KPIs: to manage the construction process and deliver the projects on time, stay within budget, and meet the company’s high standards of quality. Managers are seen as leaders based on how they motivate people.

In this issue, we highlight a manager who has proven himself as an outstanding leader. Aside from being an excellent civil engineer, he is also well-loved by his colleagues and bosses. Let’s get to know Engr. Elvin B. Cruz. Let’s remember him through the eyes of his subordinates in Project Management Department.

Vince Culalic

Vince, who has been working with Elvin for one year and four months on the C3-R10 Project, has this to say about his manager: “He is very professional and organized in work matters. He is also very friendly and compassionate to his subordinates. He doesn’t just check on how we’re doing with our tasks, he also makes sure that we are fine. He would set regular meetings with us — the R10 Engineering Team — and we’d eat as we discussed work and life in general. In fact, he also organized our outing, which also served as a team building activity, last January 2020 in Zambales. When the lockdowns were imposed, he made sure the team stayed in touch via online meetings. Because of my leader, I am a better version of myself, both professionally and personally.”

Carmina Veronica Manlapaz

Carmina has been working with her superior, Engr. Elvin Cruz, since 2019. She describes him as good leader who empowers team members and leads the team to success. Moreover, Elvin is also a visionary with integrity who always makes intelligent decisions. Carmina adds, “Sir Elvin wants us to grow here in NLEX. Because of of him, I realized people really have their own definition of success and of happiness. Through his example, I learned the importance of balancing work and life.”

Sheryl-Lyn R. Juario

Sheryl-Lyn, who has been working with Elvin for two years, describes him as an ideal manager. “He is very professional and passionate,” she relates. “He is very organized and always prepares lists so that the team does not miss anything. Because of Sir Elvin, I became more organized and more optimistic. I am a better version of myself.”

These stories of Elvin show that a leader goes beyond simply telling people what to do. Leaders should inspire people to grow and forge bonds with their team. Thus, Elvin is the epitome of a great leader.

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