Working With My Leader: Traffic Operations Edition

by Khate Sabado

At NLEX, we always work as a team. The leaders of each team are expected to guide and inspire the members to do their best in every task assigned to them. As author John C. Maxwell pointed out: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” The team leader (TL) is expected to know what is happening and what to do practically all the time. Moreover, the TL is expected to stay calm, cool, and collected even during a crisis. It’s a big responsibility and those who excel as TLs deserve all the compliments that they get.

This time, we asked the members of the Traffic Operations Group to share their experiences and the things they learned from their TLs.

Patrol Crew Myrene De Leon on Team Leader Eric Cruz

TL Eric Cruz and PC Myrene De Leon

“For the past four years of patrolling, I have been working with TL Eric. He is very industrious, dedicated, and committed to his job. He is very congenial and agreeable. He works well with everyone. On a lighter note, I cannot forget the task that was given to us for the Christmas Party presentation back in 2019. We had to act out a scene where I was supposed to be the wife of TL Eric. I felt awkward at first, but because TL Eric was so professional, it went well.”

Patrol Crew Rodel Mabunga on Team Leader Dennis “Toto” Ibardolaza

TL Dennis “Toto” Ibardolaza and PC Rodel Madunga

“TL Toto and I have been working together for 13 years now. He is very diligent and thoughtful. I have never heard him complain, even when we were on-duty when there was a typhoon. We were both drenched and wet because it was raining non-stop and there was already flooding in the area. We had to clear the carriageway by stowing the fallen branches to the side of the road. We also had to fix the jersey barriers that had already scattered on the mainline. At one point, we even had to command all vehicles to stop so we can do our task properly. I can say that I am a better—more confident and flexible— Patrol Officer because of him. I learned a lot from all the advice he has given me.”

Patrol Crew member Mitchelle Castro on Team Leader Derek “Ping” Pingol

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“I have been working with Sir Ping for almost one year now. He is responsible and dependable. He is always willing to back us up in the field, especially during traffic management. He handles deployment fairly. He is also approachable. Even new patrollers like me can easily talk to him.”

Patrol Crew John Matthew De Jesus on Team Leader Eric Cruz

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“I have been working with TL Eric for nine months now. He is very responsible, compassionate, and humble. He has taught me a lot of things related to our job. He is ready to take on difficult tasks like traffic management or accidents. He readily backs us new patrol officers in the field. He is approachable and considerate. He carries himself well. He looks very snappy. When I watch his infomercials online through the NLEX Corporation Facebook Page, I feel proud that I am a patrol officer just like him. I am inspired to do well in our job of providing quality and efficient customer service. I also aspire to become a team leader like him in the future.”

Patrol Crew Edgardo Diaz on Team Leader Julius “Juls” Villegas

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“‘Juls’ and I have been working together for more than 16 years. He is task-oriented, highly-knowledgeable, and very dedicated to his job.  Because of him, I am inspired to work and be a good team player.”

Patrol Crew Nathaniel Cruz on Team Leader Dennis “Toto” Ibardolaza

TL Dennis “Toto” Ibardolaza and Rider Nathaniel Cruz

“I have been working with Sir Toto on Lane Management for the past 12 years. He is hardworking and always has a positive attitude. He is always smiling.  Aside from work, we have also gone on out-of-town trips which I consider very memorable. Whenever he is commeded for his accomplishments, I feel proud to be associated with him.”

Patrol Crew Hero Lati on Team Leader Dennis “Toto” Ibardolaza and Team Leader Jay “JaySam” Samaniego

PC Hero Lati and TL Jay “JaySam” Samaniego

“For the past one year and a half, I have worked with Sir Toto and Sir JaySam. I have witnessed how dedicated and committed they are in achieving our company’s vision of providing the ultimate expressway experience to motorists. With Sir Toto, I remember that in one of our 3-Strike Policy Operations in Bocaue, he backed me up when I was faced with an irate motorist who had a problem with his RFID. He was very spontaneous and he was able to pacify the motorist. Meanwhile, Sir Jay coached me during our Unsafe Load Operations in Bocaue. He taught me how to approach and speak to drivers. He said I had to calmly but decisively explain to drivers why they’re being apprehended as I issued the temporary operator’s permit (TOP). Thanks to Sir Toto and Sir JaySam, I learned more about the intricacies of our tasks as deputized LTO agents who not only act as apprehending officers but also as customer service representatives on the field.”

Patrol Crew Madel Blay on Team Leader Santa “Maya” Mallari

PC Madel Blay and TL Santa “Maya” Mallari

“TL Maya and I have been working together for the past nine years in lane management or patrolling. She is smart, hardworking, and a sweet friend as well. I remember when we both saw a vehicular accident with fatality in the Sta. Rita area. She remained calm and composed. We did not panic and we handled the incident turn-over properly. Because of her, I learned many things that have helped me become a more effective employee.”

These testimonies show us that Team Leaders play a crucial role in the professional development of employees. To recall a quote from John Quincy Adams, the 6th US President, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

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