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Moving Forward Projects despite Challenges

by Jennifer Suarez

During these trying times, the Construction Management – Connector Team faced the challenge of moving forward projects despite the frequent changes in Metro Manila’s quarantine status being implemented by the government. It is through these challenges, however, that the team demonstrated resilience.

In compliance with the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) protocols, the project delivery team ensures that projects are delivered within the agreed time, cost, and quality while being cautious on everyone’s safety and health to ensure overall success of the project.  In this regard, the following measures were adopted by the team to ensure progress:

  • Different Shift Schemes were implemented to reduce Manpower at the site/office but still ensuring there will be enough employees on duty 24/7;
  • Various Social Distancing measures are implemented at site and in the office. Signs were posted to remind everyone to follow social distancing;
  • Regular office disinfection; and
  • Anti-gen Swab Test were conducted for the whole project when some employees tested positive for Covid-19.

Staying focused and resilient helped the team to make it through these hardships and adapt to the new normal. Adjustments in strategies, such as implementing additional resources and manpower, helped the team cope with the project delivery. In addition, the Connector Team worked with the contractor to make sure that approved methodologies were done correctly and safely while meeting tight deadlines.

Commitment and dedication. Members of the Construction Management – Connector Team never backed down from moving forward despite challenges, instead adapting a new site normal to accomplish construction during this trying times.

Below are some stories of resilience shared by some of the team’s members:

“As a trainee/beginner in this field, I have a hard time learning the nature of my work at first. It was my day 4 (training) when suddenly my co-worker (who trained me) have to quarantine herself so I was left alone trying to learn the process. It was challenging but I also look it as an opportunity to familiarize and learn more how the work goes.”

-Angelica Beltran 

Despite challenges, tuloy lang ang work..  gawin ang task,  daily,  weekly or monthly monitoring.. gagawain namin ng paraan para magawa ng tama ang task namin sa section namin.

-Carmina Veronica Manlapaz

Doing administrative work during this pandemic is not easy, pero sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na I need to have a strong mind and healthy body para tuloy ang laban every day.

-Melissa Balagot

Resilience, being the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, allows NLEX to move forward even if external forces impede progress. Truly, as Rocky Balboa puts it, “every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.”

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