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Take It Lightly aims to tell sneak-peek personal stories of our executives in a light and fun way. For this first Take-It-Lightly, we decided to feature our dear executive who has to execute with safety and excellence to hurdle the ongoing pandemic, Mr. Jeff Ang.

Safety + Excellence = Pandemic-Proof Success

by Monchi Ampil

If we need to ask anyone how to maintain top-tier work performance in the face of the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Jeff Ang, AVP for Compliance and Business Excellence, is definitely one of the people who can show us how it’s done. He knows the formula for it.

Jeff has been with the organization for about 17 years. He has experienced almost every stage of growth that the company has gone through. He was already part of NLEX when Segments 1 to 3 were just being built. He has extensive experience in auditing road safety, implementing documentation safety, and ensuring compliance with ISO standards.

The COVID-19 pandemic, though, presented different challenges for Jeff. The public health crisis didn’t just affect his professional life, it also affected him on a personal level.

The pandemic changed a lot of things in the workplace. For starters, the lockdowns led to different work shift arrangements. Some tasks and work processes also had to be reconfigured. The main challenge was to maintain excellence in order to continue delivering the best service to employees, motorists, and stakeholders.

Jeff and his team responded swiftly. They quickly disseminated the necessary information on safety and implemented preventive measures as they acquired PPEs and disinfectants.

Jeff and his team were one of those teams which shifted to digitalization by holding IMS meetings and training sessions online. We also became one of the first companies to do a remote audit of our standards. To promote preventive measures against COVID-19, various social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok were used.

The other things that Jeff and his team did to safely maintain business excellence was to conduct continuous site inspections with personnel in PPEs. They also ensured that people would strictly follow all the health protocols when they used the shuttle service by posting signs and limiting the capacity of the vehicle so that physical distancing could be maintained.

For Jeff, who is a family man with a one-year-old daughter, ensuring safety and business excellence at work was also very personal. Having a safe work environment meant that his family would also be protected. This was the case for everyone in the company.

Mr. Jeffrey Ang’s Family

Jeff is doing his part to stay protected by taking vitamins, making sure that he practices the right protocols in the office, and declaring his health status through the company’s My Wellbeing App.

When we were placed under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) again earlier this year, the organization was more prepared because Jeff and his team already did the groundwork last year.

Despite the public health crisis, Jeff is happy that we were still able to maintain the certification from auditors last year. It goes to show that we were able to quickly adapt to the challenges brought by the pandemic and maintain the high quality of service even when confronted by adversity.

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