An NLEX Corporation Employee Newsletter | Volume 2 No. 1 | April 2020

Tara Na, NLEX

by Jaimee Jane Faustino and Katherine Alfaro

(Tara Na, NLEX  features the different interesting spots in the north NLEX employees have visited or would like to visit. Since it is the ECQ period , we’ll feature instead how they creatively spent their time at home, aside from work, and where they would like to go post-ECQ.)

Life is like a roller coaster indeed.

While we were all preoccupied with our daily routines, building our dreams and pursuing our significant yearnings, COVID-19 arrived and turned our lives upside down. Most, if not all, would say that COVID-19 prevented our head start on fulfilling our 2020 plans.

The Filipino’s resilience, however, allowed us to find ways to enjoy this ride in spite of the uncertainties. As days passed by, we learned how to adapt to this “new normal”. We discovered new activities and talents that we didn’t know we have, revisited old hobbies we didn’t have time for, and spent time with our loved ones and enjoyed the safety of our homes. Our resilience also allowed us to hope for a better future.

Let us discover how our coworkers from the Support group, as well from Project Management (PMD), Project Development (PDD), and Contracts Admin (CA) made the most of the quarantine period, and what they hope to do once the ECQ is lifted.


As establishments and malls are closed, it has been a social media trend to experiment coming up with your own version of celebrating special occasions. Some of our employees, like Ruth Sto. Domingo of PMD, unleashed their creativity by making their own birthday party  and Easter decorations, no-bake cakes, and the like.


Some enjoyed watching their favorite Oppas (the good looking Korean actors) and binge-watching different series of Korean dramas, or Netlix trending TV series.

“Watching Korean Drama, (as) the last series I watched was 4 years ago (pa). Ngayon na lang po uli ako nakapagbalik loob sa mga Oppa.” – Alex Sevilla, PDD
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The ECQ allowed some employees to unleash the gamer within and enjoy different video and mobile games after office hours.


While others experience difficulties on how to use their time, some employees seized the opportunity to complete assemble their toy collections.

“Ngayon pong ECQ, isa sa mga naging libangan ko yung pagbuo ng mga laruan na nakolekta ko, mga Zoids. Eto yung mga nakahiligan kong pinapanuod noong early 2000 sa TV. (Hehehe.) Medyo matagal silang gawin kaya talagang kumakain ng oras ang pagbuo, minsan six hours straight para sa isang laruan lang. Kaya kahit papano, nalilibang din ako habang nakakulong sa bahay. Sa ngayon, may lima na akong nabuo.”  -Justin David, Contracts Admin


While some may be stressed and worried for their future, some of our employees experimented with different recipes to satisfy their cravings.

image (1)
Ruth Sto Domingo also tried different recipes to satisfy her and her family’s cravings.


While some ponder what the future holds, some used apps to monitor their expenses and budget.

As we patiently wait for the announcement of our President to lift the ECQ, we are all excited to go back to our daily routine and pursue the plans that had been postponed.

We also asked our coworkers which place they look forward to visiting post-ECQ…


Some consider their lives after this pandemic as a second life. It is no wonder that some would like to thank God, who helped them and their families and friends survive the crisis.


Some of our co-employees have their favorite comfort food in their bucket list after the quarantine. Their first stop is to dig into their heart’s cravings!

Ramen shops!” – Jasper Mendoza, PDD


Having missed the summer craze, some employees would like to feel ocean breeze and the soft sand, view the blue horizon and chase the sunset at the beach.

thumbnail_Image (3)
“After this ECQ, I want to go to our province Oriental Mindoro (Puerto Galera) to enjoy the sun and beaches 😂😂😂”Kenneth James Bade, PMD


For those of our employees who have been away from their families during the ECQ, some yearn to finally hug and kiss their loved ones and finally be home.

“Tsaka bahay ng jowa ko. more than one month ko na di nakikita ehhh. huhu” – Jasper Mendoza, PDD
“The place I look forward to visit after ECQ is Lipa City, Batangas to see my father and other relatives” – Alex Sevilla, PDD

The COVID-19 pandemic may have disrupted our routines, but NLEX employees turned the 8-week ECQ into an opportunity for pursuing their passion, going back to things they used to enjoy, and being creative with the things they currently have.

No matter how long this roller coaster ride may take, our NLEX colleagues’ pursuits and yearnings remind us that all that matters is to ENJOY AND LEARN FROM EVERY SECOND OF THE RIDE!

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