The Podium

“Better Together” on our Transformation Journey

by J. Luigi L. Bautista

The Call to Transform with a Re-energized Vision

We are entering a critical juncture in our corporate existence. As part of the tollways group, we embark on a business transformation journey necessitated by the new way of working due to the pandemic. With the RFID 100% program initiated by the government, digital transformation and optimization became not only a necessity but a matter of course.

And as they say, for us to get to where we wanted to be as a company, we need to have a vision. Coming together last August for the “Build as One” conference, I realized that we do not need to individually have a vision, but instead, together, we should “find” a vision.

Fortunately, we did find a vision – an integrated and inclusive vision. A vision that has a sense of our future – the MPTC vision centers around mobility infrastructures, products and services and caters to our demanding customers and stakeholders.

Speaking during the conference, MPTC CEO Rod Franco expressed and explained the vision succinctly. He saw the need to be stronger and more diversified to be able to withstand the future. By being at the forefront of disruption, MPTC will be able to “future-proof” our business by embarking on digital transformation.

The MPTC vision resonates with us as it is to have our own. So we make it our own and contribute to achieve said vision – as redefined and re-energized. We like the vision for MPTC and choose to follow it in NLEX. The vision become ours, and we will use it to navigate and guide our individual visions and choices at the business unit level.

Our Reponse – Agility and Resilience by Working Together

I read from the writings of a thought leader the following: “The key to being agile is to empower people, communicating way more than we think they need to, shifting from timelines to triggering events and being open to try new things even changing direction fast if it is not working out. We are living in a time of frequent disruption so the aim is not just survive but thrive, by being agile.”

“Think of agility as being resilient. A resilient organization understands that becoming resilient is about replenishing daily. It is also understanding we are like batteries and must recharge daily. When hard times hit, if you have done the recharging, then you can weather any storm. An agile organization understands this and can pivot quickly without worry because they have prepared. Agility is about resilience”

…I realized that we do not need to individually have a vision, but instead, together, we should “find” a vision

J. Luigi L. Bautista, NLEX Corporation President and General Manager

Last October 10, we formed teams that will formulate a change management plan and put together an organization design that will be our guide and roadmap for our transformation pursuits. I would encourage that we all support and rally the teams so they will be inspired to perform the tasks ahead of them. Working together or better yet, the principle or act of helping each other to achieve our goals is more relevant today. We remain steadfast and confident that together, a better normal is just ahead of us. We will come out to be a more agile and progressive NLEX by being “better together”!

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