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Thriving Amidst Adversities

by Tet Wells

Indeed, we had a very promising start in 2021 and yes, our rebound has started.

Just as we were becoming comfortable with the situation, we were struck again by another ECQ coupled with a spike in COVID-positive cases right close to home. As I am writing this, we have record-high levels of 77 active cases and 119 more under close monitoring, mostly at the core of our operations.

It’s the last thing we need at this juncture when we are still rising from the ashes of Project Phoenix, navigating unfamiliar territory. The sudden shift in government policy on 100% cashless transactions, the rising toll violations in barrier-free lanes, and the accelerated adoption of the ALPR technology were fresh challenges that jolted us.

We struggled to stick to our project timelines as last year’s “New Normal” also mutated. Intermittent closures of key government agencies became part of the norm due to widespread infection. Our project delivery timelines suffered as a result.

Yet, we need to adapt and cope, to harness all the resources that we have and to stay faithful to our mission. We had to re-invent last year’s playbook to keep our service running 24/7:  Bubble deployment for O&M personnel, more flexible work arrangements for support, more intensive health monitoring.  At all times, we need to constantly think of what will work in the face of adversity.

In business, as in life, it’s the choices we make that defines us. We focus on things we can control rather than on things we cannot control. And while doing that, we choose to be better, not bitter.

We choose to thrive and not just survive.  We throw all our collective talent and effort to improve ourselves on a daily basis because we believe that what we do matters to the quality of life of the people we serve.

Also, we all need to be healthy in the face of adversity — all our talent, effort and passion will go to waste if we are not in good health. Getting our free vaccine is one important choice we have to make.

Lastly, for the things we cannot control, may we have the humility to ask for guidance from the Divine.

One thing I am sure of: we shall emerge as better men and women because of what we are undergoing. I am proud to be with you all in these trying times.

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