Service and Contribution

by Lea M. Wong

“Your rewards in life are always in direct proportion to your contribution – your service.” – Earl Nightingale

Ever since I started my career, I had always wanted to work for a company that provides public service. So, when I was offered a job in the then Tollways Management Corporation, I felt that my wish to serve the public was finally coming to fruition.

I always tell candidates I interview that not everyone is fit to work in our company, as a member of NLEX Corporation must have the heart for public service. Through typhoons, floods, and pandemics, our frontliners are always ready to serve our customers. No matter what their position in the company is, everyone is working hard to keep the roads open and safe, especially in these times of hardship and uncertainty.  

By helping our customers, we not only do better at our jobs, but gain a sense of fulfilment as a human being to provide great service to the public. We each have a duty to our jobs, our families, and our country to help keep each other safe, work hard, and hold each other accountable for our actions and decisions.

“Success is not a function of the size of your title but the richness of your contribution.” – Robin Sharma

As they say in movies and plays, there are no small or big roles.  No matter what your position at work is, whether you have been working for fifteen years or fifteen days, each one’s contributions are vital in any company’s success.   We must play our role exceptionally well.  We must love what we do and find meaning and happiness in our accomplishments.  The rewards come at the perfect time.  

In my 18 years of working for this company, I have been fortunate enough to watch my colleagues grow into their roles and provide their own exemplary contributions to the company. It gives me great joy to see people who share the same passion for service and drive to do our best in our respective positions. 

I wish you and your family safety and good health.

Mag-ingat po tayong lahat!

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