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We Start Our Rebound in 2021

by J. Luigi L. Bautista

Last December, I was struck by a photo posted in FB by Robin Ignacio that depicted the NLEX road with a rainbow appearing as a perfect arc in the background. Robin managed to take the photo whilst on the road. The photo was captioned – “View from NLEX..sign of God’s promise to hope for the better days to come”

HOPE FOR THE BETTER DAYS. Sir Robin Ignacio’s Facebook photo of a perfectly-arched rainbow along NLEX reminds us of hope, of better times, of gratitude, and of solidarity.

The image was powerful because it quickly brought to mind the Genesis flood narrative, that after creating a flood to wash away humanity’s lack of regard, God put the rainbow in the sky as a sign of His promise that He would never again destroy the earth with flood. A rainbow in the Bible and even in Western art and culture represented a sign of hope and promise of better times to come. A rainbow is also a sign of gratitude and solidarity.

We have a lot to be thankful for. Our revenue and traffic numbers have suffered and while the targets have not been met last year and while most of our business plans have been stymied by delays, we were able to survive and managed to stay afloat. While rainbows can only be seen at a distant and may appear to be elusive, it represents a bridge between the NLEX dreams or goals and the successful achievement of the same. It is a symbolic pathway to attaining our business plans and transformation strategies.

The continuing journey of NLEX will not be without challenges but working together in solidarity towards advancing the NLEX goals will bring us to the proverbial pot of gold in the end.

Last year, we celebrated our 15 years’ journey as a company. All those years were testimonies to our achievements and contributions to the growth and progress of the regions we traverse. At ngayong nahaharap tayo sa bagong taon, marami tayong mga plano. Alam din natin na mayroong mga inaasahang pagbabago bunsod ng cashless toll transaction na ipinanukala ng Gobyerno. Kabilang na rito ang mga planong business transformation and diversification na patutunguhan ng ating grupo sa 2021. Sa lahat ng mga ito, makakaasa kayong ang kapakanan pa rin ng mga empleyado ang isasaalang-alang, una sa lahat. 

As we face more challenges this year and the next, there will be no let-up in what we are capable of doing, because together, we can achieve more. Better times are in the horizon and we start our rebound in 2021!

NLEX tayo, nag-papahalaga at nag-papasalamat!

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