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Moving Towards Progress Despite Challenges

by Fernando M. Autor


NLEX Corporation has faced a challenge in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – NLEX personnel have been affected, traffic and revenues took a hit, and our projects have faced a new hurdle to adapt to. Truly, strong external forces affect a business.

While external factors may affect the business, they remain external. NLEX’s internal strength relies not on external factors, but in its ability to surpass the external challenges through agility, collaboration, innovation, and excellence.

Such strength has been demonstrated in how we manage projects despite delays in ROW acquisition, supposedly primarily an external factor to our projects. Despite these external challenges, NLEX has managed to collaborate with government agencies to facilitate and direct ROW acquisition efforts in accordance with the Project’s schedule.

NLEX has also innovated by ensuring that, in collaboration with its contractors, the proper resources are deployed at the right time through reviews and modification of the construction programme. And, should there be instances where the contractor wavers in performance, NLEX displays excellence by guiding the contractors through its acquired experience in projects.

Lastly, in adapting to the COVID-19 challenge, project teams had to act FAST, FAST, FAST, in adapting to (then) newly-issued social distancing protocols by the government. Besides coordination with the government, contractors have to be guided to ensure early resumption of construction.

Other NLEX divisions and departments have adopted similar measures to move towards progress despite challenges, and all NLEX employees are invited to recall, observe, and learn how the company manages to thrive despite external factors because of its internal strengths. All in all, it is our hope that coming from each one’s tenure in the company, everybody has adopted a sense of maturity through this pandemic — not being reactive to challenges but rather cultivating their internal strengths and move towards progress.

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