Toll Operations: Showing Responsiveness during the Holy Week Peak!

By Elreene Venice C. Hufana

Peak-a-boo! Holy Week arrived but was gone immediately. It was positively chaotic! As front liners, all we saw during that week were the unending lines of vehicles along NLEX plazas and carriageways. On the news and social media, the madness on the road was even in the headlines highlighting how our motorists battled the long drive towards their long vacation.

For us in the Toll Collection, it was our great responsibility to be in full operation; prepped and ready as always. We kept in our mind that it was a time of the year wherein our presence was vital to the organization. And our presence was felt from lean plazas to peak plazas, coming from north to south. Let’s look at our men and women on the ground during the Holy Week Peak!

Elreene Venice C. Hufana, Toll Operations Department. She started as a SCTEX Toll Teller and is now a Toll Supervisor. She loves reading books with no preferred genre as long as the book is interesting. Other than reading, she loves watching movies and series most specifically K-Dramas.

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