Toll Ops Drive for Wellness

By Elreene Venice C. Hufana

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

Team Toll Operations is a big team. Keeping us together is tough. Making us work together is challenging. We are a diversified group so we must keep the team spirit fueled. Faced still with the pandemic, we long for human interactions outside our daily work routines. Toll Operations Wellness Program became a craving satisfied. 

On September 15, 2022, the wellness program officially opened at the NLEX Teamwork Basketball Court. Better known as our own “Olympics”, where four Toll Collection Clusters and the Verification Team competed for the championship. The players fought for the matches on Basketball 3 on 3 (Men and Women Categories), Mixed Volleyball, Mobile Legends, Obstacle Game and Egg Relay. It was a competition with a lot of playful fun. 

Everyone was determined to win. Cluster 2 overpowered Cluster 3 and dominated the court during the Championship on Basketball 3 on 3 Men’s Category. Dhan Louie Reyes of Cluster 2 energetically played and was hailed the MVP. On women’s category, Cluster 1 fought against Cluster 3. Cluster 1 got the final win making Angelica Borja the MVP. 

Basketball 3 on 3 Men’s Category was dominated by Cluster2.
Cluster 1 was the overall winner in the Mixed Volleyball Games defeating Cluster 2

The battle on Volleyball mixed was intense between Clusters 1 and 2 with Cluster 1 for the final victory. Joana Bejec, with her strong attacks, was hailed the MVP for Mixed Volleyball.  

For Mobile Legends, Cluster 1 EVL GENIUSES made the smartest moves defeating Clusters 4. 

Cluster 1 had the upper hand in the Mobile Legends Play-offs

The closing ceremony took place on September 29, 2022 with the fun games and championship as main events. Cluster 2 bagged the championship awards for Obstacle Game and Egg relay. 

Cluster 2 once again bagged the Obstacle Game.
Cluster 2 was the overall winner in the egg relay race

Cluster 2 was the overall champion with a 3-point lead against Cluster 1. Cluster 3 was the 2nd runner-up. The highlights of the event were not the trophies and the medals, but the joy brought by the occasion. The high spirits and laughter completed the event. 

Cluster 2 was the overall winner in the egg relay race
Competitive spirits were shown by the players during the Toll Operations Olympics.

Elreene Venice C. Hufana, Toll Operations Department. She started as a SCTEX Toll Teller and is now a Toll Supervisor. She loves reading books with no preferred genre as long as the book is interesting. Other than reading, she loves watching movies and series most specifically K-Dramas.