Life with DIY

by Ma. Alexandrea Sevilla

The community quarantine has required us from NLEX to spend more time at home. While the work continues, the quarantine got us cleaning our households, cooking and baking must try foods, clearing our Netflix ‘My List’, and starting our DIY projects.

One of the few good things that happened out of this global pandemic is that it showed the creative and ingenious side of people working from home. While a lot of us are getting used to the flexible working scheme, as part of the new normal, many have learned and even found new talents.

A British study has shown DIY projects improves a person’s overall mental health and well being during the pandemic. The recent survey has found that 67% of the respondents have used DIY to combat boredom, 40% said that they felt satisfied doing DIY, 19% said that starting their DIY projects made them feel more relaxed, and 10% said that DIY made them feel ‘stress free’.

From the collected DIY projects from NLEX employees, we selected 3 entries to feature here:

Top 3DIY Plant Cabinet by Mark Lorena
Top 2 – DIY Home Solar Panel by Jhun Parbo
Top 1 DIY Face Mask and Headband by Ruth Sto Domingo

Writer’s Note: The study about the mental health benefits of DIY is mentioned in ‘The Growth of DIY during the Pandemic’ at buymetalonline.co.uk (buymetalonline.co.uk/the-growth-of-diy-during-the-pandemic/)

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