Staying Connected, Digitally Together

by Nina S. Sangueza & Ma. Alexandrea M. Sevilla

As one of the most social beings in the planet, we depend on one another for our day-to-day necessities. With the current situation that we are facing, however, we are required to observe safe distance from each other.

Living with the new norm has been challenging for many of us, but thanks to the amazing wonders of technology, our desire to connect with others helps us to be more creative in finding the means to do so.

Video Game Sessions

Technology provides relief to supply our need for social interaction. Modern-day technology gave way to creative means to close the distance, showing our talents for novelty during times of difficulty. One example is having game sessions in video calls. Haven’t we all tried to de-stress during our breaks by opening our gaming apps? This group from AMD and OCOO upgraded their gaming session – COVID19 style. These sessions became a good substitute to physical game sessions.

The need for social distancing is not hindrance to play games with friends, as our colleagues from AMD and OCOO have shown.
Birthday E-numan

Of course, there are many ways to celebrate including holding virtual happy hours. Celebrating Birthdays was not a problem for the Non-Toll Business Group as they celebrated a birthday thru a surprise E-numan (Electronic Inuman) session with their team. This new trend provides them the opportunity to check on one another, to reconnect, and to drink and be merry together online.

Non-Toll Business Group’s signature E-numan “kampai” Shot!
Online Baptism

Next, we have Sam Escolano and his wife who let their family and friends attend their son’s baptism thru FB Live. The couple opt for an alternative way of celebrating during the imposed social distancing for everyone’s safety.

“The sacrament was held in a simple and sincere manner, focused on what matters most. While the joy of sharing the celebration with friends and family was missed, being done only in FB Live, it was replaced with the joy of fully focusing on the sacrament of Baptism.” – Sam Escolano, Contracts Administration

Online Wedding Speech

“On our wedding day, we opted to prioritize the safety of our guests, that is why we purchased a license for Zoom to accommodate and celebrate with our guests. Despite the difficulties, we still managed to enjoy our special day.”

Janeth Sebucao-Aquino, Information Technology

Behind the scenes for preparation for online Ninong message of Sir EQ Pablo to our wedding Day.

The safety measures we practice are all about physical distancing, but it does not mean that we get disconnected from our peers and loved ones. Being digitally together connects us in ways we previously thought were impossible, and enables us to maintain friendships and relationship across time and distance. Let us use technology and keep in mind that this ‘distance’ is an opportunity to help us against the pandemic and that we are not alone, we are better together.

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