Christmas in the New Normal

by Irish Corpuz

For Filipinos, Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of the year. We enjoy it so much and celebrate it for as long as we can— from as early as September until the new year. We hear carols everywhere and see children going from one house to another with their friends. Lanterns and decors are all around. But the greatest blessing for us is gathering and celebrating with our families.

Let’s see how our fellow NLEX employees will celebrate the holiday season despite the pandemic.

Angge, AMD

“We will only invite those who are not at risk and are able to come over.”

Strict sanitation before entering the house will be their top priority to ensure safety this season. Angge will send her gifts to her godchildren through GCash to prevent physical contact and keep them safe.

Quintrix, Technology

“I’ll just spend this time with my family and my future in-laws. This is now the time to unleash the inner chef in me and prepare homecooked meals for them!”

Spending time with her family and future in-laws will surely be exciting for Quin as she gets to show off her cooking skills. But before the celebration starts, strict sanitation has to be followed. With the safety of her godchildren in mind, this gorgeous chef prefers to show her generosity by sending their aguinaldo through bank transfers.

Julius, AMD

“Message ko nalang sila ngayon. Bawi nalang ako next year.”

Julius also chooses not to see his “inaanak” in person to keep them safe. He would rather let them feel his love for them through his warm words and remind them how much they mean to him.

Zsaneen, AMD

“Same celebration ng Christmas party pero baka yung venue sa mas open na space and straight from bahay to venue para walang makasalamuha na iba.”

For Zsa, not much would change with celebration this year. They’ve always spent Noche Buena with only the closest family members from her mother’s side. Christmas day will be a little different since they’ll be holding it at another (safe) place to gather instead of going to her grandparents’ house.

Merylle, AMD

“We will celebrate it at home with a simple salu-salo during Christmas eve.”

Merylle and her family will be celebrating with a little salu-salo at home. They’d also be limiting travels to avoid compromising their safety. However, she will still be glad to personally hand her gifts to her inaanak without forgetting social distancing and proper sanitation.

Norman, AMD

“We will utilize video conferencing platforms to celebrate relatives.”

Norman and his family prefer to stay at home this holiday and take this opportunity to enjoy intimate moments without compromising their health and safety. As for his godsons and goddaughters, he will send them their aguinaldos through online transfer to their parent’s accounts.

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