Spellbound by “Budol” Finds

by Nina Sandel-Sangueza and Jovit Caballero

Are you a fan of discounted items? Do you get excited when you see useful things sold at the lowest possible prices? How many products have you bought during online flash sales?

If you can relate to this, then you are definitely part of the budol shopping crowd. Although the term, “budol,” used to be associated with scams, it has evolved into a term for things that are either too hard to resist or those whose sales pitches are so good that you end up buying them even when they’re not part of your shopping list.

Due to the restrictions that come with the ongoing pandemic, more and more people are now opting to buy things online. Indeed, these days, it seems that everything — from the latest fashion pieces, food items, home décor, to cleaning supplies — is being sold in online shopping sites like Shopee and Lazada. Sellers are also on Instagram and, of course, there are Facebook groups such as “Home Buddies.” The convenience and the big discounts that come with online shopping have gotten people hooked. Arguably, budol shopping is also more likely to happen when you’re online.

To give you an idea of what you can find online, we’ve asked some employees to share their best budol finds from online sellers.

Deerma DX-700 Vacuum for P1,750

“This vacuum cleaner is super helpful. I would definitely recommended it. Ang lakas ng suction n’ya. Kahit ‘yung mga dumi sa sulok nakukuha nito. That’s why I consider this my ultimate budol find.” —LJ Peralta, HRAD

Similac Gain School

“My budol find is the milk for my kids. Nakita ko na sobrang laki ‘yung nadi-discount online compared to the prices at the supermarket.” —Daphnie Bernardino, MPT Mobility


“I was shopping for a router online. By chance, I came across a seller in a Facebook group who happened to be selling several units. I figured that if I could negotiate to buy all the routers at a cheap price, then I could resell them and earn some profit. Fortunately for me, the seller let me buy his routers. I kept what I needed and sold the rest.” —Jboy Cambel, Technology Management

Power Bank

“I got this power bank which has a built-in lighting cable that you can use for iPhones, gadgets with Type C connectors, and Android micro USB. It saves me from the hassle of taking multiple cables with me. This is great for people who hate clutter. Since this power bank is super compact, it also doesn’t take up too much space in my bag.” —Yrwina Faye Jose, Asset Management

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

“This digital blood pressure monitor originally cost P1,990. I was lucky enough to buy it on sale for just P570. Later on, its price was further slashed to just P399. What a steal, right? With this, you can easily check your blood pressure level regularly. Thus, you are immediately aware of the changes in your blood pressure readings. In case there is a problem, you are in the position to do whatever is necessary to prevent the condition from getting worse. That’s why I think that every household should have this equipment.” —Frianne Moratillo Samarita, Communication & Stakeholder Management

Vitamin C Pack

“I can say that this particular Vitamin C pack is sulit. For just P459, you already get 100 capsules. Everyone in my family takes it. This helps strengthen our immunity.” —Juliard Dio Mejia, Compliance & Business Excellence

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

“As a new mom dealing with postpartum hair fall, this smart vacuum cleaner has been very helpful to me. I got this for P953. It’s one of my best budol finds because it saves me from the hassle of having to constantly sweep up all my fallen hair strands. Less walis! You just turn this on and it does the work.” —Cate Constantino, MPT Mobility

Kylla Andrea Balane and her My Ipon Diary

“I got this My Ipon Diary bundle which is composed of a book and a planner. It has been very helpful as a guide to saving.” —Kylla Andrea Balane, Technology Management

With the next sale day just around the corner, here’s a tip for those who are planning to do some online budol shopping. Remember: While online payments and Cash On Delivery are accepted, it is best to load up your Shopee or Lazada wallet if you want to take advantage of more deals. When you use your Shopee or Lazada wallet, you can easily redeem extra coins and free delivery vouchers. Because if you’re going to engage in online retail therapy, you might as well do it wisely.

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