Christmas Memes Celebrate Holiday Hits

by Elly Ramos

You know the long-running joke about Filipinos starting the Christmas season in September? Well, it’s not really a joke. After all, we do start hearing Christmas songs as soon as the “-ber” months come around. Our country is known for having one of the longest Christmas celebrations, lasting until January. Some even insist that it only ends on Valentine’s Day the following year.

Even though the COVID-19 public health crisis is still ongoing, the Christmas feels are kept alive by the usual holiday tunes. Songs from singer Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in Our Hearts” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” are played over and over again.

As it turns out, Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey’s holiday hits have inspired Pinoys to create memes. In fact, even before September, we already started seeing them online. With the help of some of our colleagues, here’s a compilation of the these Christmas memes.


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Someone’s getting ready.

And then, September finally comes and it’s officially Christmas in the Philippines!

But holiday tunes aside, are there other things we expect during the holidays?

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