Turning Trash into Cash

By Len C. Jorge

Photo by nick-fewings-ywVgG0lDbOk-unsplash

Cash it, don’t trash it! Recycle and get paid? Absolutely yes!

We all know how harmful commercial waste is to our environment. Paper, plastic, cans, and glass are among the few and are the most common.

These days, we are more aware of what these wastes can do to our environment and recycling has been a part of our practice since. Trash and junk harbor insects and bacteria, so the fewer the better.

Recycling may not replace your full-time job but will help you earn extra money.

Let’s turn that trash into cash!

The most valuable is copper “tanso” which can be sold anywhere from P350-P400 per kilo. Hard plastic P15-P20 per kilo, scrap metal P15-P20 per kilo, corrugated iron sheets “yero” P11-P15 per kilo, aluminum cans P45 per kilo, carton and cardboard P4 per kilo, white paper P11 per kilo, newspaper and magazine P5-P10 per kilo, CDs P50 per kilo, glass bottles P1-P2 per piece depending on size.

You can also sell broken-down appliances like TV, refrigerator, electric fan, washing machine, and even computer motherboards. The prices range from P150 up to P700 depending on the appliances.

Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

Other trash that can be recycled for money are cooking oil, motor oil, ink cartridges, and automobile batteries.

In our quest to reduce harmful waste, recycling seems to be the most effective way to ensure that less trash goes to dumpsites and landfills. Overflowing trash also prevents it from getting these wastes to rivers and oceans. Less trash, healthier environment.

Check your local government for recycling guidelines or junk shops near you for more information about selling recyclable materials.

So, let’s start managing our trash and start earning money!


Len C. Jorge, Compliance and Business Excellence. Len loves to travel, and she loves nature! She’s a taker of a good coffee and good conversation. Every travel she ventures, she makes sure it’s the best experience – every place is special. She loves going to places she has never been and meeting lovely people along the way. She always does what her heart beats for.

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