Ensuring Road Traffic Safety (RTS)

by Geraline Jorge

NLEX has been working on establishing a safe and efficient road traffic safety management system for several months now. Various studies have shown that road accidents are one of the most common causes of injury and death. Having a proper system in place to ensure safety is a preventive and the most immediate intervention available.

The Road Traffic Safety Management System (RTSMS) — which adheres to ISO 39001 specifications — helps organizations improve their road safety measures and reduce the overall number of on-the-road injuries and fatalities.

A few months ago, the RTSMS Team started organizing orientation sessions and other activities to inform our employees and get them involved in our bid to qualify for the Road Safety Traffic Certification. The certification is expected this year.

In line with this, an internal RTSMS audit will be conducted in the first week of September. In the internal RTSMS audit, the RTSMS NLEX Audit Team will conduct an initial assessement to prepare for the certifying body pre-audit that will happen in the third week of September. After this, a management review will be done in the first week of October.

The actual certification audit has two stages. The first stage is a documentation audit, while stage two is an implementation audit.

In the documentation audit, documents will be reviewed prior to onsite activities. Policies and procedures will be assessed to determine if they meet the road safety criteria. The duration of this audit is one day and is expected to be done in the last week of October.

In the implementation audit, records and the execution of processes will be audited based on the verified procedures and plans from the first stage of the audit. Auditors will monitor the organization’s practical application of its RTSMS to test how effective it actually is. This stage of the RTSMS audit will be a three-day audit set for the last week of November.

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