Humanizing the Tollway Experience

by Mayen Ligot

The NLEX 3rd Quarter Performance Review was held last November 23, 2021 through a virtual program organized by Finance and CSM, and hosted by the Human Resources and Administration Division. The session was graced by the presence of MPTC President, Rodrigo E. Franco, and other guest speakers from the Business Transformation Office and Corporate Governance.

The quarterly exercises are done to keep the management team informed of the company’s business performance, and to prepare for upcoming activities to continuously support the organization’s strategic goals. The reports covered much of what was accomplished by the NLEX team in the last quarter, which showed how even in the face of challenges, NLEX showed its resiliency in delivering projects and is in fact, continuously improving.

As the company gears up toward its business and digital transformation, the leaders were reminded that people are at the core to make this goal a reality. Humanizing the tollway experience speaks about supporting employees and collaborating with other stakeholders to deliver the goals of the organization.

As summarized by JLLB in his closing remarks: “Clearly, our achievements are driven by our people, and that is why central to what we are doing is our people”.

JLLB has outlined the top deliverables till the end of 2021 as follows:

  1. Hit our Core Income Target of Php6.2 Billion – through increased traffic volume, better customer experience, improve leakage statistics, implement add on toll rate, improve the RFID system, continue our cost-saving measures, ensure maintenance of our assets and manage our cash and debt balances
  2. Ensure Timely Completion of Projects
  3. Strengthen Government Relations
  4. Continue to support BTO programs and initiatives
  5. Keep everyone safe, healthy and engaged

As we enter into the last month of 2021, we remain hopeful that the business environment will be better with the number of COVID cases slowly going down, traffic picking up and the economy, in general, is on its way to recovery. We believe that employees will remain steadfast in their commitment to strive for excellence and espouse teamwork in helping the company reach its targets for the year. As JLLB puts it, ” In NLEX, we always step up, we do more, without any let up. Bakit? Kasi, NLEX tayo!”

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