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One-Stop-Shop Application for Employee Payroll and Records Management Launched

by Sam Escolano, Jenny Suarez, Lani Marcelino, Kath Alfaro, and Charm Galvez*

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Group 1 during the Northlink Newsletter Writing and Photography Workshop held last January 2021 and covers the launching of the HCMS. Updates on HCMS will be covered on the article for Northlink March issue.

The Human Capital Management System (HCMS) is designed for integrated and digital HR processes across all business units of MPTC. This was launched by the HR team through a series of online cascade sessions to all MPTC employees in January 2021. 

This new HR system is composed of three main functionalities — namely Ramco Unify App, HR Bot Buddy, and Ramco Hub. Utilizing the Ramco Unify application, the employees will now time in and time out using this app. HR Bot Buddy has voice assistance when planning your calendar, managing leaves and viewing your payslip. The Ramco Hub, which is Web-based, has the most comprehensive functionalities where all other HR processes can be accessed.

The roadshow generated positive comments from immediate superiors and staff. “Looking forward to an easier and more convenient access to our records as they said it is a one-stop shop,” Corporate Finance Senior Manager Chiaralu Bautista said. “It’ll be a safer way (of managing attendance and records) because there will be no need for the common biometrics anymore,” CABX staff Helen Garcia said.

NEW YEAR, NEW SYSTEM. The new Human Capital Management System (HCMS) was launched just in time for the new year.

Automated, Organized, Efficient, and Paperless Transactions

The HCMS will ensure productivity and engagement of employees through a reliable and efficient system as allows online transactions. Compared to the previous system, it will now also be able to support the rising number of MPTC employees.  

SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO. Ms. Chiara Bautista shared that the new HCMS is easier and more convenient to use. 

HCMS will also help supervisors and managers to monitor employee attendance as they can quickly look at employee attendance records and forms. The application allows supervisors and managers to signify approval or rejection of employee leaves, overtime, and lateness requests. 

For employees, they can easily process their request forms and HR records by logging into the system.

Payroll Management Access through Three (3) Schemes

The initial phase of the system is now accessible which includes Employee Self Service, Manage Self Service, Time Management, Leave Management, Payroll & Loans, Disciplinary Action & Grievance, and the Chatbot. Our new HR System is a great help to our employees and our organizations which improves operational effectiveness, securing employee welfare and managing employee performance.

Convenience to be Felt Soon

The HCMS will take into effect on February 16, 2021. Log-in credentials will be provided and by then, employees will be required to use the Ramco Unify App for their daily timing in and out activity and the Ramco Hub for HR record management needs.

“It will be beneficial because it will also show allow time-in and time-out at verified locations,” Ms. Garcia added. “This will lessen concerns on filing of records.”

SAFER, BENEFICIAL. Ms. Helen Garcia said that the new system will allow for safer biometrics, and will be beneficial to employees due to its automated processes.

As everyone is going through this transition process, HR and the assigned HCMS point persons ensure that all are on board in this digital process transformation.

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