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Roundtable Mornings with JLLB

by Charmina Galvez

“Who is your biggest inspiration? What’s the best inspirational advice you got that had big impact on how you live your life now?”

The discussion during the Roundtable Mornings with NLEX Corporation President and General Manager Mr. J. Luigi L. Bautista (JLLB) held last June 11 revolved around these two questions. This was attended via Zoom by participants from the Support group.

Great personalities such as book authors Rick Warren and Abraham Lincoln, news reporter Kara David, celebrities Joyce Pring, Candy Pangilinan, and Manny Pacquiao were among those mentioned by the participants who influenced them and made a big impact in their life.

One of the participants, Ms. Airyn Gimeno of Corporate Communication Department admires Kara David for her professionalism as a journalist and as a news anchor when it comes to conveying fair and reliable news report.

Ms. Ann Bingcang of Accounting Department shared that she was inspired by Candy Pangilinan on how she mothers her son who has autism, and how she turned her struggles into her great source of joy.

Sir Luigi remembered how he looks up to his former superiors who served as his mentors and how they molded him in his career, while, Ms. Lea remarkably named Jesus Christ as her great source of inspiration in life.

It has been a meaningful sharing indeed, Sir Luigi sent an email to the attendees after the session. In it, he said, “I sincerely wish to thank you for sharing your thoughts — very refreshing! The RTM version this morning started my day right!”

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