The Birthplace of Philippine Surfing

By Bianca Marie France E. Viadan 

‘Sabang Beach’ is a two-kilometer strip of gray sand facing the Pacific Ocean located in the Municipality of Baler. Sabang beach is the oldest surfing community in the Philippines and is considered as the birthplace of surfing in the country.

The geographical location of Baler Aurora lies on the mid-eastern coast of Luzon surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Philippine Sea, with its long coastline exposed to the Pacific Ocean, the province is also known as Paradise for surfers. A scene from the 1979 classic film Apocalypse Now, where US Soldiers were surfing was filmed in Baler, made the sport famous in the once little fishing town. The locals who witnessed the actors who were surfing are so thrilled that they have taught themselves and others how to surf too. The months of October to February bring the large waves perfect for beginners and professional surfers; it is also those months that are dangerous for non-swimmers which makes the months of March to June most suitable for them wherein the waves are calmer. But visiting Baler is not complete without surfing and if you wanted to try or learn how to ride the waves just like I did, you can hire local surfers to teach you the basics with surfboards available for rent.

The beautiful beach and scenery of Aurora will make you fall in love with the province. Waking up hearing waves, witnessing beautiful sunsets and sunrise, and breathing fresh air with a cool early morning breeze away from the noise of the city are indeed the best mornings. Those moments of silence and peace while being surrounded by the people you love, and the wonderful creations of our father up above will make you pray for more mornings to come.

It is time for you to add Baler Aurora to your bucket list of places to visit. Discover not only the amazing waves of the beach but the tourist spots a few minutes away from Sabang Beach that you can easily visit such as Baler Hanging Bridge, Diguisit Rock Formation, Diguisit Falls, Museo de Baler, Baler Town Plaza, Baler Light House and more.

Just like the vast ocean, be limitless in discovering the beauty of the world. Do not let material gains rule your definition of happiness, because there is more than what you can gain by going out there. Give yourself a chance to visit places wherein happiness and peace cannot be bought with money. Learn how to take a break from the society you are used to blending in. Go out there, witness the beauty of blue clear skies reflecting the oceans, hear the birds singing while greeting the beautiful sunrise, and end the day after looking up to the starry clear night sky.  Beautiful things in life are free; they are always there, we just need to give ourselves a chance to discover them. Maybe, just maybe, in that same wonderful place, we will also find ourselves.

Always keep in mind that the greatest regrets we will have when we turn old, and grey were the chances we didn’t take. The money we earn will return but time and opportunities not. Walk, run, and swim, as long as you can, don’t wait until you can no longer ride the waves.

“The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.”

Psalm 95:3-5


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Bianca Marie France E. Viadan , Operations Management. Born on the 2nd day of October year 1990, eldest daughter of 2 and currently residing in Tarlac City. Graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology. A Philippine ARMY reservist graduated in Advance ROTC. Traffic Control Room Specialist at SCTEX base. Fond of writing poems, short stories, reading, photography, singing, and playing the guitar. Ambivert loves to travel and discover nature. Forgiving and friendly in nature.

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