The Power of Powerpoint

By Claire Nicole A. Mendoza

Presentations are a routine feature of our corporate life. Mancom reports, project updates, RSC presentations for approval are just to name a few of the presentations entailing really good set of slides to relay the important message effectively.

Presentations are fundamental need for businesses to convey messages easier. Creating a visually stunning presentation, however, maybe time intensive. The design’s cohesiveness, typeface, text, graphics, and even the message you wish to express are tiny details but must all be considered. Fortunately, PowerPoint is a readily available tool for the job.

Here are a few productivi-Tips to make your PowerPoint presentations easier, quicker, and more informative:

  1. Choose a pre-made PowerPoint template

PowerPoint has a variety of ready-made templates for your presentations. It allows you to quickly create visually stunning presentations. All you need to do is provide all of the presentation information (text, images, charts), and it will generate the design based on what’s on your slide.

2. Modify your Quick Access Toolbar

You may add your favorite and often-used commands to the Quick Access Toolbar. It assists you in navigating your most often utilized features.

3. Use Master Slides

The Master Slide is where you may make modifications to all your slides at the same time. It is like the template where you set the same fonts and pictures for all the slides in the specific section of the presentation.

4. Explore Design Inspiration Websites

Thinking about presentation design is difficult, especially if you need to complete it as fast as feasible. This way, you may browse for presentation design inspiration websites. A design reference is quite useful when starting to create your presentation. There are several websites where you may obtain banners, typographies, web designs, color palettes, and other materials for your presentation.

5. Learn Some PowerPoint Shortcuts

Knowing how to use keyboard shortcuts is useful when working with huge presentations. It helps you finish your presentation on time.

6. Size and align objects simultaneously.

Did you know you could resize and align multiple objects or shapes at the same time? PowerPoint’s Group tool makes resizing and fitting several objects easy.

7. Match the exact colors

PowerPoint’s Eyedropper tool allows you to quickly detect any color outside or within your presentation and apply it to the text or object you want to edit.


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Claire Nicole A. Mendoza, Technology Management. I am a very personalized writer who loves to put a lot of feedings into what I write. I write to connect with people and to convey my ideas and feelings to others.

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