Four Ways Leaders Can Empower

By Charm M. Galvez

It’s very opportune for the participants of Lead Talks held last February 23 as Sir Luigi, NLEX Corp’s President and General Manager, facilitated the first session for the year with the theme Leading through Empowerment”. This is timely for the launch of the company’s leadership brand – LEADS ICARE.

Sir Luigi shared his insights on Empowerment different from the standard concepts (i.e., feedback, delegation, encouraging words) that could be read in textbooks. He stressed the importance of the environment, structured system, and opportunities in order for one to experience empowerment. He mentioned four ways in which leaders can empower:

  • Be inclusive and create an environment where everyone belongs
  • Allow others to assume responsibility for their roles
  • Allow others to challenge systems and structures
  • Stay committed to the journey

In his talk, Sir Luigi highlighted the importance of having a vision, environment, and opportunities to become who we want to be. He affirms that a big part of himself today is a product of these three. This being said, Sir Luigi called on the participants to create a culture of ‘belongingness’ where everyone can thrive and feel valued because there are opportunities for them to innovate, pivot, calibrate, respond, and care.

Sir Luigi concluded the session with confidence that we are on track for change and progress with ICARE values as our guiding principles.

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

Charm M. Galvez, Human Resources and Administration. She is a goal-oriented person and always does things with an end in her mind. She is a big fan of God.

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