IiP Division Rollout

By Charm M. Galvez

Following the IiP Champions plenary held in November 2022, the IiP rollout was initiated by the IiP Champions in their respective divisions in preparation for NLEX’s accreditation in May 2023. This aims to reintroduce the IiP principles to employees and reiterate the people management practices that we have.

Some IiP Champions shared how their division rollout was conducted. Here are their responses:

Leigh Randall King, Verification Supervisor & one of the IiP Champions of Toll Operations:

Toll Operations is aiming for 100% completion of IIP cascading this January 2023, and we are almost done with our goal. Virtual cascading is a very challenging yet enjoyable way of communicating with Lane Associates, Toll Plaza Operations Associates, Verifiers, and other members of the Toll Operations department. We begin our session with “What makes you happy working here in NLEX?” and this leads us to open communication and sharing inspiring stories with each other. Stories like best practices that lead us to our strength, and some are needs for improvement.

Gibson Repomanta, Pipeline Project Manager & one of the IiP Champions of Technology:

“IiP checkpoint sessions were held together with the heads of our division. Despite obtaining good scores from the last IiP internal survey, everyone is optimistic to intensify further our current practices. It is also worth sharing that the new IiP Champions in Technology are empowered to share their experiences and are ready to lead the cascading activity.”

Liezel Uy, TCR Operations Assistant Manager & one of the IiP Champions of Traffic Operations:

IIP survey results were cascaded as scheduled across all sections of the Traffic Operations department. It’s good to note that all attendees showed enthusiasm and expressed their optimism in achieving the Platinum standard. As a result, several action plans identified are now being implemented while some are in the preparatory stages. 

To name some – IIP wall design and concept is in place, and the conduct of face-to-face Rewards & Recognition awarding (which showed an increase in the number of awardees attributed from the reviewed R & R metrics, relaunching, and cascading of criteria to Traffic personnel) and holding a Department Christmas Party (which was the first time for Traffic Operations).”

Daryl “Dah” Tubaon, Quantity & Cost Senior Specialist & one of the IiP Champions of Tollway Development & Engineering:

Been doing great as we are reaching on implementing our action items that will help improve our low scores positively in preparation for the next internal assessment. This will also be used as our baseline for maintaining our high scores in the future.”

Michael “Mike” Mallari, Legal Senior Specialist & the IiP Champion of Legal Services:

Notwithstanding the fact that Legal Division achieved a significant increase in the 2022 IIP Survey Result, we make certain that all relevant internal survey items were correspondingly cascaded particularly on one of our lowest items. I also posted articles/ photos on our bulletin regarding the IIP preparation to encourage and reinforce the values we’ve started cultivating. And apart from this, we will take the necessary actions plan to carry on our strengths as we aim to bring on consistency in people management.”

These IiP Champions are also proud to share the best practices unique in their respective divisions:

Gibson acknowledges their Technology’s Reward & Recognition Program “Tatak NorTech” where categories and criteria are fitting to their division functions and values. On the other hand, Daryl sees their monthly devotional meeting in TDE as a good avenue for sharing and interacting with everyone in the division.

Mike is pleased to refer to their Annual Legal Summit and Clap-Clap moment which recognizes one’s achievements and celebrates the tasks successfully delivered. Leigh of Toll Operations is delighted to share that employees of their department are highly involved and empowered in their respective functions. For Liezel, there are many best practices in Traffic Operations and to name a few – giving a birthday cake to employees who render duty on their birthday and the presence of their leaders’ strong support especially felt when they are on duty during holidays.

Charm M. Galvez, Human Resources and Administration. She is a goal-oriented person and always does things with an end in her mind. She is a big fan of God.

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