Ma’am Polly, The Epitome of Grace Under Pressure

By Kathleen G. Sabado

A secondary teacher since 1994, Miss Pollyana Tiongson Condat (PCT), fondly called Ma’am Polly tried her luck and joined then-TMC as a Sales Associate in 2004.  For the next years, she rose from the ranks and went on to become a sales supervisor in 2019.  Eventually, in 2021, she became the Assistant Manager and Section Head of the NLEX Verification Team of Toll Operations. She has been a vital part of the training for customer service and telephone courtesy of other Sales personnel, Patrol Crew, and Security and Office personnel of NLEX, SCTEX, Cavitex, and EasyTrip.  Aside from being multi-awarded from the prestigious “Sikat Ka!” and “NLEXemplary”, she has displayed her prowess in handling intense and challenging customer-focused ordeals. 

Ma’am Polly is a troubleshooter, and an expert in handling special tasks and assignments.  She spearheads the Verification Team handling RFID concerns, leakage recovery in barrier-up plazas, and validation of lane exceptional transactions.  She empowers her subordinates through training and prepared templates.  She has introduced analytical skills and taught potential leaders/verifiers to help her train the rest of the team as their members are scattered in three offices (OMC, Pulilan, and TOCB).  She also makes sure her team delivers accurate information, reliable data, and streamlined processes while constantly coordinating, and working with other departments that rely on Verification Section output. 

Her daily routine involves regular checking and analyzing of the section’s previous day outputs, attending regular meetings, replying to escalated concerns, conversing with supervisors and other team members for updates, resolving raised issues, and communicating with her superiors, other departments, and business units.

Though quite a laborious post, her secret weapon is TEAMWORK. She strongly believes that teamwork creates efficiency.  When the working relationship is founded on TRUST, it encourages OPEN COMMUNICATION that makes it possible to have quicker and often more effective solutions. She also shares that she is happy to receive feedback from others that they can already perform tasks on their own and become leaders in their fields of expertise.

Hence, here are some comments…

From the Verification Supervisors:

“Ma’am Polly is known for her quick and effective decision-making skills.  Because of her, I became more competent as a leader.  I can’t forget the time when I handled 21 verifiers (TOCB) and 26 tempo verifiers (Dau TSB).  She allowed me to participate in decision-making processes by asking for my insights, giving feedback, and recognizing my value as a team player.” – DIANA SANTOS, TOCB
“Ma’am Pollyana has good communication skills. She can make decisions quickly and confidently even under pressure.  She’s a critical-thinker and at the same time creative in developing strategies.  She took her time to invest in my personal and professional growth and because of her, I have been able to hurdle new challenges at work.  She has empowered me by letting me expand my skill set, providing clear direction and support, and giving autonomy to make decisions.” – JOYCE MADLANGBAYAN, Pulilan
“I first met her during toll teller training.  Long, straight, black hair, wearing fashionista outfit with matching signature high heels.  Mapapalingon ka talaga sa kagandahan at kaseksihan!  Hinangaan ko talaga sya!  She has the SPARK!  She is a Strategic Partner who is Accountable, Resilient, and Knowledgeable.  With PTC, I feel so secured.  I know the objectives, the plan, the goal and the journey we will face as a team.   Sa kabila ng pandemic situation, matiyaga niya akong kinakausap sa Microsoft Terams, sa Messenger or sa phone kahit ilang oras.  Gusto kong magpasalamat kay Ma’am Polly kasi madami akong natutunan gaya ng Excel at Monitoring.  Dahil sa kanya, nakalabas ako sa comfort zone ko.  Akala ko hindi ko kaya pero with her kinaya ko.  Because of PTC, I am ME. She completes the missing piece of my life.” LEIGH RANDALL KING CRUZ, OMC

From the Verification Specialists:

“She is authentic, constant, and consistent role model.  She provides me the opportunity to grow, improve and unleash my capabilities.”  DANMER OCAMPO
“She is very approachable and trustworthy.  Because of her, I am more self-aware, motivated, and developed my social skills.”  JENNY MANDANI
“She is hardworking and dedicated.  She taught me to do my best in every task that I do.” CHARLANE SANTOS
“I always discuss my difficulties with Ma’am Polly and I’m always surprised that she can resolve it quickly.”  DAVE MARK GILLE

From the Toll Verifiers:

“She invests her time and energy to develop team members.  She influences an employee to achieve customer satisfaction.” JONATHAN GARCIA
“Her mere presence during the last Toll Olympics inspired us to do our best, win or lose. Because of her, I am motivated to get my work done.” FREDERICK NUDO
“She could relate and connect with people.  She does not only delegate and receive results, she supports us until tasks are completed.” MELODY MANICDAO

Kathleen G. Sabado, Traffic Operations. Khate has been with the company since 2015. She started out as a lady Patrol Crew and has been awarded for her meritorious performance by TMC/NLEX Corp. and LTO. In 2018, she joined the Traffic Investigation Section and has been recognized as the only female traffic investigator in the tollways industry by TRB.

One thought on “Ma’am Polly, The Epitome of Grace Under Pressure

  1. Well deserved. She is truly a leader and inspiration(s) to others. She always do her best in every work, task or responsibility that she’s handling. She always want to inspire people who believes in her (and prove to other (s) to believe in her if they have doubt(s)) and she is always willing to help other people who ask for her help.


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