NLEX Project Summer Outing: Let’s have fun under the Sun!

By Rosy S. Santos

Employees are thrilled and excited because after three long years, finally, NLEX Corporation is all set for its face-to-face Summer Outing! This is one of the NLEX people programs that most employees are looking forward to.

Project group employees are the first batch out of 6 batches of NLEX Corporation’s Summer Outing. It was held last Apr 14-15 and it was held at La Jolla Luxury Beach Resort, Bagac, Bataan. 

Indoor and outdoor games related to our revitalized core values, ICARE, were played and enjoyed by 5 groups. Activities which allowed them to get to know their colleagues from other sections and to show their appreciation were also facilitated.

During dinner socials, employees also showcased their talents in singing and dancing. Outfit of the night for the Bohemian theme for the male and female categories was also given an award.  Sumptuous dinner and of course, refreshing drinks were served to complete the blissful night.

All in all, employees enjoyed their time off to relax and have fun under the sun.  

Rosy S. Santos, Human Resources and Administration. Outside work, she manages to attend financial, motivational, and spiritual talks. She’s fond of reading inspirational and fictional books and writing in her journal. She loves to travel, eat out, and watch movies and YouTube videos to relax and enjoy life.

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