3 Podcasts to Enrich Your Life

By Monchi Ampil

At the height of the pandemic, many of us coped with the lockdown by going online and being creative. Some showed off their acting and dancing skills on TikTok. Others became YouTube vloggers.

As for me, I preferred podcasting. It was another way for me and my colleagues to enrich our lives beyond work.

Simply put, a podcast is like a radio talk show without ads. Most of the time, podcasters don’t follow a script and just adlib or improvise. It is raw, relatable, and fun to listen to. I uploaded my podcast, Off the Bench, on Facebook. It’s mostly sports, but it also covers everything under the sun.

That said, we at NorthLink have listed three podcasts that you might want to listen to.

1. The Old Man & the Three — Former NBA player JJ Reddick hosts this show with Tommy Alter. This is highly recommended for NLEX employees who are big fans of the NBA. As of this writing, this podcast has 100 episodes and has featured guests like NBA players Jayson Tatum, Chris Paul, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, and many others. They also have episodes where they interview the likes of  Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger and director Adam McKay.

2. Underpaid Comedian and writer Stanley Chi’s Underpaid is a podcast that every Filipino employee can relate to. In this podcast, he discusses a lot of work-related topics and even gives career advice. He invites guests from different fields, like an HR practitioner, to give pointers on career growth, office etiquette, workplace dynamics, and so on.

3. Only Fun Veteran DJs and former Morning Rush partners Chico Garcia and Gino Quillamor host this podcast. As the show’s title indicates, they talk about a wide range of fun topics such as the latest Netflix or K-Drama they’ve watched and life in general. You’ll laugh a lot when you listen to them. Their joy is infectious.

You can check out these podcasts or discover more on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Happy listening, NLEX!

Juan Ramon F. Ampil, Communication and Stakeholder Management. Monchi as his colleagues call him is a jolly good fellow, who is very approachable and friendly that’s why he has 29 best friends at work. He is simple and a proud probinsyano from Ilocos Norte.

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